Answers to popular questions

What is a Virtual Assistance?

A Virtual Assistant (VA), or Virtual PA is the equivalent of a PA/EA or administrator. Rather than being in your office (or home), your Virtual Assistant works remotely.

Virtual Assistants provide admin, technical and creative support on a regular, ad-hoc or project basis which can be varied according to your needs.

Why use a Virtual Assistance?

Using a Virtual Assistant can be a cost effective and simple solution that allows you to find the time to focus on important things. I understand you need to be able to move onto your next milestone and my services will help tie up those loose ends.

A Virtual Assistant can help your business and life run more smoothly by utilising the services as much or as little as you need without the requirement of a contracted employee.

Not sure what to outsource?

I suggest you have a fresh look at your to do and wish list (or write one). Take note of the tasks you would have to do to achieve your goals. Continue to monitor the ‘business as usual’ tasks that you are doing over a week or so period.

From the created lists, identify the tasks that you need to do, the tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or are time-consuming and the tasks that you could ask someone else to do.

This will help you pick out what tasks you can and want to outsource to Milestones.

What about confidentiality and security?

Everything Milestones does is treated with strict confidence. Over 20 years of experience working in confidential environments has allowed me to fully understand the importance of confidentiality.

Milestones can provide templates for confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements which I am happy to provide and sign.

I am ICO registered and fully comply with GDPR. My devices are encrypted and the cloud storage I use is GDPR compliant.

What happens to the hours in the packages that are not used?

If hours from the booked package are not used a % will be moved over to next month to provide you with more flexibility. The more hours on contract means a reduced hourly rate.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

No, the retainer packages are on a rolling contract with a short notice period of 30 days. This provides you with the flexibility to cancel at anytime.

How do I know where my hours were allocated?

At the end of each month you will be provided with a detailed Toggl report that provides a full breakdown of your allotted time. It will show the date, time and duration spent for each project. It can be anything from checking inbox daily for 5 mins to working on a research project for 2 hours. But you will have complete visibility. From this we can both work together to ensure the time is used appropriately on specific jobs.

How will you get to know me?

We’ll use a combination of phone, email, video call… plus face to face if you have the time and within driving distance. At the start of the relationship a range of questions will be asked to enable we have a better understanding about your business, yourself and your milestones that you want to accomplish.

What are the benefits of hiring Milestones as your Virtual Assistant?

  • You only pay for the time that you need
  • There are no recruitment fees to pay
  • Office space or equipment is not required
  • Tax or national insurance does not need to be paid
  • No holiday, sick pay or other employee benefits
  • Benefit from having more time to develop your business and focus on your clients
  • Have a better work-life balance and spend more time with friends and family
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I am confident that my extensive professional and robust services, based on over 20 years experience and qualifications, is of valuable assistance to any business. Whether you are a sole trader starting out or an entrepreneur striving to reach new levels and expectations, I am sure I can help.


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