When should I use a proofreader?

BY MATT PINNOCK – Isthmus Consulting (https://isthmusconsulting.co.uk/) Whenever you’re going to put something written into the public domain, or hand it over for assessment, it’s essential to make use of a proofreader. But there’s more to it than that. There’s the timing. Last month I commented on the frustrations of being asked to do copywriting…

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Managing Your Day During Covid-19

Let’s be honest: work-life balance is probably not your top priority right now. Everyone’s normal routine has been completely overturned. There are many companies and individuals that are dealing with different scenarios, from small businesses and freelancers trying to survive compared to online businesses so busy they are struggling to keep up with demand. Let’s…

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Be specific with deadlines. ‘As soon as possible’ or ‘urgent’ is NOT a deadline. You can only prioritise effectively with dates. Be realistic when accepting deadlines. ‘First thing tomorrow morning’ is probably not an option. Be confident to provide a deadline that is feasible. Understand the reason for the deadline and the consequences of missing…

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PA, EA or VA?

What’s the difference you ASK? I get asked regularly, what’s the difference between a PA, EA and VA. Most people are unclear of the lines between them all, just like personality, skill sets and strengths these can all vary considerably. My career started as a PA through to EA and now resides as a VA.…

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Work-life Balance

Business owners would do anything for their company, but the real question is, at what cost? Is your work-life balance tipped too heavily towards work? As a business owner you understand the importance of making your company a success. The extra hours needed, the motivation required to keep going every day but are these qualities…

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Remote Working is Here to Stay

Between 2012 and 2016, flexitime has risen by 12.35 per cent; and data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) In 2015, 4.2 million people across a range of sectors worked from home, and businesses both small and large are increasingly adopted the remote working strategy into their model. A recent YouGov survey has revealed…

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